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Oh My Château! - Once upon a time
A passionate individual named Jimmy, whose love for castles was about to give birth to an extraordinary story...
Oh My Château! - An illustration representing an idea
In July 2022, during his visit to the Castle of Arques in Aude, a daring idea germinated in his spirit: Simplify access for everyone to the treasures offered by these remarkable castles in just 3 clicks.
Oh My Château! - An illustration representing the map of France dotted with castle icons
Imagine! 45,000, that's the number of castles in France. A world record!
Oh My Château! - An illustration of the Puy-de-Dôme, symbolizing the Auvergne region and the origins of the project
Quickly, nestled in the heart of the Auvergne lands, the idea took shape. Evolving into a concrete project, then into a startup that was born in June 2023 under the name Oh My Château!
Oh My Château! - A digital platform interface icon, representing the modern and accessible nature of Oh My Château!
Through this new platform, the goal is to modernize the perception of heritage and especially to facilitate access! These places, imbued with History, are no longer just remnants of the past, but an invitation to rediscovery.
Oh My Château! - An illustration showcasing a variety of castle silhouettes, symbolizing the diverse categories of experiences offered by Oh My Château!
Embark today on an extraordinary adventure by exploring the 9 unique ways Oh My Château! offers to rediscover these castles full of life, whether for an escape game or a magical weekend.
Oh My Château! - An icon depicting a compass or a treasure map, symbolizing adventure and exploration within the realm of Oh My Château!
Don't wait any longer, sign up and become a true explorer of the realm with Oh My Château! The discovery starts here and now.

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Histoires de Patrimoine supports us and all those involved in heritage and cultural tourism
in the creation of digital content to promote heritage to the general public.

EscapeBoxDesigner combines the ingredients that make Escape Games so successful in mobile formats that are simple and profitable to operate. Turnkey games for your monuments to enhance the customer experience, attract young visitors or energize your tours. Immerse your visitors in your world with Escape Boxes. Enigmas, padlocks, secret traps, mechanisms and mysterious objects.

French Baroudeur has become an essential player in cultural mediation at a distance through custom technology and drone photography. They share our desire to make heritage accessible to as many people as possible. They specialize in 3D reconstruction, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Art Forging company for over 70 years, renowned and labeled as a Living Heritage Company. Expert in the creation and renovation of extraordinary works, combining tradition and innovation. They operate throughout France.